by Jerry Worthing


In these memoirs I will try to recall various aspects of my life, including those things that my parents told me about my ancestors. Unfortunately, I tend to be rather non-observing in many matters, so at times what I say may not be factual… but simply the way I remember it.

Once in a while when I give my name and address to someone they comment on the repetition of Ws in Worthing, Weaving Lane, and Wantagh. As I’ve been thinking of writing memoirs I think back on the high school days of writing for the school newspaper and being told to answer the questions Who? What? Where? When? Why?

As I try to split my life into logical segments, more Ws come to mind: Where did I live, and Who did I live with? Who were my friends outside the home? What was my Work like? What did I do in my spare time?


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